Durant Independent School District

District Administration

Central Office

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Location and hours of operation

The District Administration central office is located at the corner of North Washington Avenue and Waco Street (1323 Waco map).

The central office is open Mondays through Fridays between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm throughout the year. The office closes for school holidays and for a few days at the end of the school year. For specific dates, view the current school calendar.

Central office staff

The following personnel offices are located in the central office:


Superintendent's Office
Mr. Duane Merideth , Superintendent   e-mail
Susie McIntire, Secretary e-mail
Assistant Superintendents' Offices
Mr. Mike Dills, Executive Director   e-mail
Hallie Hughes, Director of Secondary Curriculum   e-mail
Beth Bean, Director of Elementary Curriculum   e-mail
Myra Watson, Secretary and Transfer Clerk   e-mail
Debra Arnott, Secretary and Substitute Teacher Apps e-mail
Technology Staff
Todd Hughes, Chief Technology Officer  e-mail
Larry Bennett, Technology Director   e-mail
Andi Hudson, Technology Integration Specialist   e-mail
Micah Chaffin, Network/Computer Technician  e-mail
Paul Davis, Network/Computer Technician  e-mail
Child Nutrition
Mark Woods , Food Service Director   e-mail
Amanda Sprouse , Food Service Secretary   e-mail
Support Services
Kelly Dillard, Director of Human Resources / Clerk of the Board  e-mail
  see also Board of Education
Dana Briedwell, Payroll Assistant   e-mail
Bonnie Webb, Insurance Coordinator and Treasurer   e-mail
Heather Fahrendorf, Encumbrance / Activity Clerk   e-mail
Janell May, Receptionist  e-mail
Special Services
Dale Welsh, Special Education Director   e-mail

Contact the central office

You may contact our administration by referring to the following link:

Contact DISD
District Administration central office

Other District Administration services

If you are looking for specific services in the District Administration, the following links will be helpful:

Directory of District services
View a listing of our special service departments, such as: adult education, food, indian education, business, maintenance, school-to-work, public relations, technology, and transportation.