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District Administration


The faculty, staff, and administration of DISD

District Administration

If you are looking for specific individuals or services in the District Administration, the following links will be helpful:

Meet our superintendent, Mr. Duane Merideth
Meet our District Administration personnel and principals
District central office staff
Meet our District central office personnel
Directory of District services
View a listing of our special service departments, such as: adult education, food, indian education, business, maintenance, school-to-work, public relations, technology, and transportation.

Faculty and support staff

If you are looking for specific faculty and support staff members, or need more information about their jobs, the following links will be helpful:

Find faculty and support staff
Find teachers, assistants, and support staff at our school sites
Certified employee job descriptions
View the official job descriptions of all our certified personnel
Negotiated Agreement
View the negotiated agreement between the Board of Education and the Durant Education Association concerning certified personnel
Support Staff
View the policies and job descriptions for all non-certified and support staff personnel


If you are interested in working in Durant Independent School District, refer to the following link:

Employment in DISD
View the current job openings and information for those seeking employment with us


You may contact us by referring to the following link:

Contact DISD
District Administration

You may also retrieve the contact information for our schools from the list below:

Contact Durant High School
Grades 9-12
Contact Durant Middle School
Grades 7-8
Contact Durant Intermediate School
Grades 4-6
Contact Northwest Heights Elementary School
Grades PK-3
Contact Robert E. Lee Elementary School
Grades PK-3
Contact Washington Irving Elementary School
Grades PK-3