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Getting to and from school safely

Bus Transportation

Durant Independent School District believes that safety is the number one priority in our transportation service. Our buses run every morning and after school to take children to and from school and homes. Students are eligible for bus service in the following orders of priority:

First Priority Riders
All students who attend their first priority elementary site and live 1½ miles from school are defined by the state as "legal riders" and will be provided bus transportation. The majority of other elementary students who attend their first priority site but reside less than 1½ miles from school will be provided bus transportation from "bus stops," which in most cases will be within one block from their home.
Second Priority Riders
Parents will be responsible for transporting all students who attend a second priority elementary site. If the District requests that a student attend an elementary site as a second priority student because of special education placement or to alleviate overcrowding, the District will provide transportation.
Third Priority Riders
Transfer students will only be transported from the District's boundary when space is available.

Dropping off and picking up

If you choose to drop off or pick up your child in your own vehicle, please contact your child's school site to determine where and how to do that safely.

Contact the transportation department

You may contact our transportation department directly:

Billy Whittenburg, Director
(580) 924-7015   e-mail
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