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It is my pleasure to welcome you to Durant Intermediate School,  established in 1997.  We are proud of our award-winning school, outstanding teachers and staff, hard-working students and committed parents and volunteers.  Our goal is to help each child become a life-long learner! Together we will enhance the educational opportunities for our students.  We are truly a team that works together to guarantee a better tomorrow for our students and our community. Thank You for entrusting  your most valuable treasure to us!

We hope to partner with you as we promote exemplary academic success, encourage personal growth, provide a safe and healthy learning environment and foster a culture of kindness and respect.


 Aaron McCoy

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DIS Principal


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School Information

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Student Handbook

Please refer to the school handbook for information concerning policies, procedures, discipline and dress code.

Drop Off/Pickup

Doors open at 7:15 for breakfast and morning drop off. The school day begins at 7:50 so doors lock at that time and any late students should be checked in at the front office. Classes dismiss at 3:10 and traffic is very heavy until about 3:20 p.m. If you have children at an elementary school, please pick them up first before you come to DIS. DIS students not picked up by 3:30 will be taken to front entrance. (Realize the first week will be hectic at drop off and dismissal and adjust your schedule accordingly.

4th Graders should be dropped off and picked up on the 4th grade side. There will be designated spots assigned for your child’s class with signs to show where they will be each day with their teacher. Waiting until after 3:10 usually helps with traffic flow. Students not picked up by 3:30ish will be taken around to the front by Mrs. Gosnell. 5th/6th graders may be dropped off on either the 4th grade side or at the side entrances from Waco Street in the morning but afternoon pickup for 5th/6th is ONLY on the south side of the building off of Waco Street. Please be sure anyone who picks them up knows WHERE to pick them up. No parents should be dropping off or picking up from Grand Street. This is for buses ONLY. Please do not pick up students from the Tag Office on Washington or from the SPOT Clinic parking lot on Chuckwa & Washington.

If you have children in multiple grades at DIS, please have any 5th or 6th graders go to the 4th grade area for pickup and stand with the sibling’s class. It helps if you give them a few more minutes for pickup instead of being the first one in line.

Durant Intermediate School Student Dress Code 21-22

  • The age of DIS students brings developmental changes and a lot of growth during their school year, therefore, what meets dress code in the fall, may not meet dress code in the spring. 

  • We ask that spaghetti straps NOT be worn. All undergarments must be hidden from sight by the pants or shirt.

  • Shorts, dresses, or skirts should reach fingertip area and no holes should be showing in clothing above fingertip length as well.  Running shorts are generally NOT acceptable. Students should avoid wearing cut off sleeves with large armholes. 

  • Tight fitting knitwear is prohibited unless covered by a garment that is fingertip length. This includes but is not limited to yoga pants, leggings, biking shorts, spandex or other tight fitting garments. Clothing with logos or words printed on the seat is prohibited. 

  • Students may not wear clothing or accessories that display symbols, pictures, lettering or numbering that is profane, vulgar, repulsive, interpreted as sexual innuendo, or obscene or that advertises or promotes dangerous weapons, tobacco, alcoholic beverages, low point beer, illegal or illicit drugs, drug-related items, drug paraphernalia, or other items or activities that are illegal for the general population or for minors.

  • Modesty is our general rule. Flip flops may be worn but are discouraged due to daily recess and PE. 

  • Caps/Hats may be worn outside only with the exception of designated hat days.

School Publications

DIS Yearbook

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Special Events / Information

DIS collects box tops to earn cash for our school! Print this form for your child to use and turn in for a treat!

Goddard Youth Camp is an annual week-long field trip for 6th graders. Students participate in various science, social studies, and physical education activities over the week. Previous attendees boast that it was one of the best weeks of their school life! If your student is interested in attending this field trip, you should begin planning early! There is limited space available so you may start adding money to your child’s account as early as 4th grade. The cost to attend is $200. If for some reason your child is unable to attend after you pay, your money will be refunded. The Camp Goddard List will help you prepare for packing.



Contact Information

 1314 Waco Street  (580) 924-1397 (voice)
 Durant, OK 74701  (580) 920-7940 (fax)



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